History and Mission


In 1977, Martin Murphy, PhD brought a cancer research facility from Sloan Kettering in New York to Dayton, Ohio. Dr. Murphy wanted to operate a cutting-edge cancer research facility and find the cure for cancer. In 1979, that facility became The Bob Hipple Cancer Research Center, in memory of Bob Hipple, a local industrialist.

While the research laboratories did well, it became more difficult to attract the large federal grants needed to cutting-edge research. So, in 1999, the Hipple Board of Trustees approached Premier Health (Premier) and asked to be come part of the family. It was a natural fit.

Premier began a strategic planning process, including recruiting some of the top minds in cancer care in the country. From that came a new organization with a new mission—cancer prevention research and outreach into the community. The Cancer Prevention Institute was born. 

Unfortunately, The Cancer Prevention Institute had some of the same problems as its predecessor in securing federal funding. At the same time, many resources that had served those with chronic diseases were leaving our area at an alarming rate. Many of the resources and organizations the Cancer Prevention Institute had counted of for years were gone. Yet, the number of people needing these services was growing. 

Premier decided to again reinvent this organization, this time to meet the ever increasing needs of the greater Dayton region around chronic disease. Premier Community Health (PCH) was born. 

PCH is uniquely devoted to improving community health in the greater Dayton region. It is a model for how hospital systems can address growing health needs and inequities in communities.

PCH is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization directed by a community-based board of trustees.


To fulfill Premier’s commitment to building a healthier community through prevention, early detection, and disease self-management. 

We focus on cancer, diabetes, heart and lung health because they heavily affect the greater Dayton region and can be impacted with education and awareness.