Blood Pressure Screenings

If you only pick one screening, this is the one.  High blood pressure is a silent killer because it often shows no signs until it’s too late.

Where We Can Go

We prefer doing blood pressure screenings indoors because it’s done with an electric monitor and it doesn’t always work in humid or outdoor environments. In some circumstances, we can go outside. We can do blood pressure screenings almost anywhere you can provide electricity.

Needed On Site for This Screening:

  • Three to seven chairs
  • One table
  • Access to electricity
  • A trash can

Scheduling Screenings for Your Group

To get the screenings you want, call early to book your event. We generally recommend three to four months in advance. Because of the sensitivity of the instruments used, all screenings must be done indoors in a temperature-controlled environment, away from outside entrances, cold drafts, high humidity and the sun.  Call Premier Community Health at (937) 227-9400 for more information.

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