Total Cholesterol/ HDL (Good Cholesterol)/ Blood Sugar Fingerstick Screening

This screening tells you your total cholesterol, HDL (high density lipoprotein, also called good cholesterol) and blood sugar in about five minutes. You do not have to fast before this screening because total cholesterol and HDL do not change quickly after you eat.

Each cholesterol fingerstick screening takes seven to ten minutes, depending on the results and the concerns of the participant. We take time to listen to each participant and help him or her with their health concerns.

If you expect a large turnout, please schedule additional times or dates. Our goal is to educate and to spend time counseling each individual who needs it.

Our Quality Control

We follow quality control guidelines from the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA). Even though this screening is considered “exempt” by CLIA, we maintain our quality control as if it was not exempt. Every time we set up our blood screening equipment, we run our quality controls to ensure the best results possible.

Our nurse screeners are all trained by Premier Community Health (PCH) in health counseling and how to use the screening equipment properly.

Where We Can Go

We can go anywhere there are indoor accommodations. This mobile screening works well at workplaces, in congregations, neighborhood programs, senior centers, or just about anywhere we can be indoors.

Needed On Site for This Screening:

  • Five tables
  • 15 to 25 chairs
  • Two trash cans
  • Access to electricity

Larger programs will need more accommodations. Due to OSHA regulations, no one can have food or drink in the screening area.

Scheduling Screenings for Your Group

To get the screenings you want, call early to book your event. We generally recommend three to four months in advance. Because of the sensitivity of the instruments used, all screenings must be done indoors in a temperature-controlled environment, away from outside entrances, cold drafts, high humidity and the sun.  Call Premier Community Health at (937) 227-9400 for more information

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