Carbon Monoxide Screenings

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, tasteless, and deadly gas. Every year, people die in their homes from carbon monoxide poisoning, yet this poison is in every cigarette.  Carbon monoxide takes oxygen from your blood cells so your body doesn’t get the oxygen it needs. When you don’t get enough oxygen, you feel tired and out of breath.

Screening for carbon monoxide is like taking a breath test. A person takes a deep breath and blows into the detector. The carbon monoxide detector tells you how much is in your lungs. No level of carbon monoxide is normal or healthy. PCH offers carbon monoxide screenings to smokers and those who live with them so they can see how much of this dangerous gas is in their bodies.

Where We Can Go

This screening is very portable and does not require a lot of space. It is done by a certified tobacco cessation specialist, so he or she can talk to people after their screening about ways to quit smoking.

What’s Needed on Site:

This screening must be done indoors in an area not exposed to an outside door or open window. We need:

  • A table
  • Two to three chairs
  • A large trash can

While a new, clean disposable mouthpiece is used for each person, a washable connector also is used. Because of this, only 100 screenings can be performed at any single event.

Scheduling Screenings for Your Group

To get the screenings you want, call early to book your event. We generally recommend three to four months in advance. Because of the sensitivity of the instruments used, all screenings must be done indoors in a temperature-controlled environment, away from outside entrances, cold drafts, high humidity and the sun. Call Premier Community Health at (937) 227-9400 for more information.

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